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Hyun Kyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Hyun Kyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Contact Information
Phone - 832-824-8955
Fax - 832-825-1249

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine

Principal Investigator, Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Texas Children's Hospital

Cynthia and Anthony G. Petrello Endowed Scholar in Neurological Research, Texas Children's Hospital

Member, Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Center for Drug Discovery

Research Focus:  Developmental gliogenesis and associated disorders; white matter injuries (PVL, HIE, MS), brain cancer (GBM), ischemic stroke.

In my laboratory, we plan to take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of neural development and eventually, neurodegenerative diseases. Glia play diverse roles in the functioning CNS and, consequently, are associated with numerous neurological disorders and malignancies. In spite of their vital role in CNS physiology and pathology, the molecular mechanisms that control their development and diversity remain poorly defined; accordingly, how these processes contribute to CNS pathology also remains undefined. Therefore, our studies focus on the identification of novel molecular signaling and regulatory pathway in glial cell development using chick and mouse model systems and biochemical techniques combined with an array of complex CNS injury in vivo models. These studies will provide the foundation upon which we will translate developmentally relevant findings to demyelinating diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and vascular-associated diseases in an effort to develop therapeutic interventions.


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  • Lopez-Silva TL*, Cristobal CD*, Lai CSE, Leyva-Aranda V, Lee HK*, Hartgerink JD*. Self-assembling Multidomain Peptide Hydrogels accelerate Peripheral Nerve Regeneration after Crush Injury. Biomaterials. 2021 Jan 265:120401. (*Co-corresponding authors)
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